1961 Valencia, Spain


1985 Graduated at the University of Fine Arts, painting specialty. University of San Carlos in Valencia. 

1998  July. Stay at the Spanish Academy in Rome. 

2000-2002 Professor of pictorial procedures. Lladro Art School. Valencia. 

2002- 2003 Professor of drawing and painting. Popular University of Sagunto.

2003 Course of Pedagogical Attitude ,C. A. P, at the Universidad Politécnico de Valencia .

2004 Painting and Decorating Professor, Lladro School of Arts .


2002-2010 Professor of Drawing and Painting, Popular University of Sagunto.

2011-2012 gives workshops in her studio., in Valencia.




1986 * ** Lumina. Valencia. 

1987 * CAM Exhibition Hall. Mula, Murcia. * CAM Room. Caravaca, Murcia. * Casal Espluga. Tarragona. 

1988 * House of Culture of Xativa. Valencia. Gallery of the Palau, Valencia.

1989 * ** Gallery Yolanda Rios. Sitges, Tarragona. 

1990 * ** Gallery Breton, Valencia. Catalog. 

1992 * Miguel Marcos Gallery. Madrid. 7th International Fair. Breton      Gallery. Los Angeles, USA. 

1993 * "Mare Sea". Ferran Cano gallery, 4 Gats. Palma de Mallorca. 1994 * "Original Version". Galería Bretón. Valencia.

1996 * "Come closer, come closer" The Blue Sphere, Valencia.

1999 * * Seven hundred and sixty six days what's new friends?Valencia.Gallery Four. Valencia.

2001 * "Color-is pie". Museum of the city. Valencia. Catalog. 

2006 * Exhibitions Hall ,Civic Center , Old Hospital, Sagunto. Catalog 

2008   Circle of Fine Arts , Valencia.

2009  "the house of the forest", Gallery misterPinK ,Valencia.

2011 " From china with color" Confucius Institute, Valencia .

2012 " formencoses…" Old Town Hall, Sant Francesc, Formentera.





1983  Horts of Vivancos. Catarroja. Valencia. II Precious Prize of galleries. Valencia. X Lounge of Spring, Caja de Ahorros de Valencia, Valencia.


1984  Exhibition Hall in Swedish, Valencia. III Prize Galleries of Preciados, Valencia. Babot Room, Benetuser. Prize San Isidro. Vall d'Uxo. CASTELLÃ XVII Award Estil, Valencia. Tower II. Torrent, Valencia. 


1985 I Xúquer Contest. Valencia. Estil Prize XVIII, Valencia.

Estil Prize XVIII, Valencia.

XII Spring Salon, Safety Savings Valencia, Valencia.

Hall of the City of Manises, Valencia.

XVI Carcagente City Award, Valencia.


1987 Thema Gallery, interearte Valencia.


1988, Valencia. Thema Gallery, Valencia.


1989 Interarte Breton, Valencia.

Yolanda Rios Gallery. Sitges. Tarragona.

Interarte Breton, Valencia.

Yolanda Rios Gallery. Sitges. Tarragona.


1990 Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Breton, Stockholm, Sweden.

Nonells Gallery, Hensilborg, Sweden.

Interarte, Breton Gallery, Valencia.


1991 Stockholm Art Fair, Gallery Sergio Sanchez, Stockholm.

Chicago International Art Fair, Gallery Breton, Chicago USA.

"Skycrapers". Breton Gallery, Valencia.

"When young people in 91 western" Journal Club Exhibition Hall

Levante. Valencia.

Exhibition Hall of the Generalitat Valenciana. gallery



1992 "Breton moments of memory." Abbey House Castellón.

Arco. Breton Gallery, Madrid. Catalog.

Chicago International Art Fair, Gallery Breton, Chicago USA.

Art 92, Casino de Ibiza.


1993  Arco. Breton Gallery, Madrid. Catalog.

Painting Biennial IV. Pamplona City.

24th International Art Fair. Basel, Switzerland.


1994 Arco. Breton Gallery, Madrid. Catalog.

"Women Art Exhibition" M.E.A.C. Madrid. Catalog


1995 Group Exhibition Blue Sphere, Valencia.

Mural competition for the metro. Exhibition Hall,

Clock Building, Port of Valencia. Catalog.


1996 Exhibition to benefit the Sisters of Elders

Homelessness and New Future, City Museum, Valencia.

Christmas Gift Exhibition "Bea, Bea" The Blue Marble, Valencia.


1997 Collective Gallery, Thema Valencia.

Xerea Collective Restaurant, Valencia.

Blue Sphere Collective, Valencia.

San Francisco Art Fair, Gallery The Purgatori.


 1998 CARENA ,Association Against Cancer, The Blue Marble, Valencia.

UNICEF, Ibercaja Exhibition Hall, Valencia. Catalog.

Sierra Leone, Viciana Gallery. Valencia.

"Fantastic Fortnight" Blue Sphere, Valencia.

"From the East". Contemporary Arts Center, Granada.

98.Asindown Art Project. Palau Music Valencia.Catálogo.

Christmas Exhibition 98. The Blue Marble, Valencia.


1999 "Women into the new millennium" The NaveGalería. gallery

four. Valencia.

"Game of Checkers" Sala José Camarón ". Segorbe. Consortium

of museosa of Valencia. "Catalog.

"Slurred speech." Art Catalyst Belfast (United Kingdom)

"Gallery Artists". Gallery Four. Valencia.


2000 "Amnesty International". Palau de la Música. Valencia.

Art a l'hotel. Nave Gallery. Hotel English. Valencia.

Contemporary Art. Moli. Jalon, Alicante.

UNICEF. Colomina Palace. Valencia.


2001 Homage to Frida Kahlo. Viciana Gallery. Valencia.

Art a l'hotel. Nave Gallery. Hotel English. Valencia.

". Art Catalyst Belfast (UK).

"Spend your last pesetas" Blue Sphere, Valencia.


2002 Cellem. Valencia.

Contest XXIII mini boxes, Elda, Alicante. catalog

2nd Photo Exhibition Mirar i Veure. University of

Valencia. Botanical Garden. Accesit Marisa Casalduero.

"With nature not play" catalog.

Unicef, Colomina Palace, Valencia. catalog

Casa Decor, Space kitchens Leigh, Valencia.

Echeveste mansion, The Blue Marble, Valencia


2003 Exhibition of Photography, Ciutat Vella, Valencia.

Art in the Hotel, the Nave Gallery, Sevilla.

Echeveste mansion, The Blue Marble, Valencia.

Four Gallery, Painters Gallery, Valencia.

Home Decor, Tabacalera Building, kitchens

Leicht, Valencia

Painters Laesferazul in "art & co" Valencia.

"The city of Tere" Laesferazul. Valencia


2004, Laesferazul. "Ten years, ten" MUVIM, Valencia. catalog

The Nave Gallery, "New Proposals", Valencia

Unicef, Colomina Palace, Valencia, Catalog

Bears, Valencia


2005 Design and realization of the poster and ballot raffle to benefit the Tsunami.

UNICEF, Valencia.

Design and production of a photographic work of 2 x 1.90 for showcase

Leicht Kitchens, Valencia.

Revolta Ca. , To benefit the Tsunami, Valencia

Nave Gallery, collective summer, Valencia

Palau de la Música, charity exhibition, aid to Syria, Valencia


2006 Exhibition of artists LAESFERAZUL, CASTALIA IURIS, Castellón

"Here's Circle for everyone ... and each with its Circle" exhibition

collective painting and sculpture. Bellas Artes in Valencia

"UNICEF Painting Exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the Palace of

music. "Valencia.Catalog


2007 Minicuadros Contest XXVIII, Shoe Museum, Elda

Petrer Cultural Centre

Sax Municipal Hall

University San Pablo CEU Cardenal Herrera, Elche

"Cajon sound ..." LAESAFERAZUL.Valencia

ValenciART. Hotel Astoria. SHIP Gallery, Gallery misterPINK, Valencia.


30 x 40 = 150, misterPINK Gallery, Valencia


2008 CIRCULANDO, Circle Fine Arts, Valencia

BONS Tractaments, Circle Fine Arts, Valencia


Mupi. Forge Group Valencia

MujereSÍ, CITY MUSEUM, Valencia. catalog

Cubic meter, House of Culture of Puerto de Sagunto, catalog

UNICEF, Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Catalog



2009 The Senieta, Moraira, Alicante, Catalog

"Yuan fen" Destination linking, Marisa Casalduero, Amy Chang, Marta Soul, Aurelia Villalba. The Cultural Centre Nau of Valencia, University of Valencia. Catalog.


CIRCUS.misterPINK, valencia


2010 "behind the garden", Valencia

Collaboration Bascuñán Paco book, photography. Valencia

UNICEF, Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Books.



2010 The Shipyards, March 8 Hundred Women, Books, Valencia.

2011 HALF ... mrpink, Valencia

2012 "The Living Forest + ..." Workshop AIMAR, Moraira, Alicante EmbarcArte .... CARMEN Center ... Valencia

EVAP 10th anniversary exhibition at the Westin Hotel Valencia

UNICEF, Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Catalog

2012-2013 12 islands CLUB RESTLESS MINDS, Valencia




2007 "Talk workshop, techniques and materials in the study of m. Casalduero ... "with students at the American School of Valencia ...


2009 Visit to the exhibition "the house of the forest ..." in the gallery mrpink with students at the American School of Valencia ...

Inauguration of space behind the garden, colloquium on different

art spaces, with students at the American School of Valencia ...


2011 "The face of your portrait ..." Colegio Hispano Americano. Puzol, Valencia

2011 "The face of your portrait...." Gallery. Valencia

2012 "Rock, paper, scissors ...." Gallery. Valencia




International Trade Fair of Valencia.

Caja Mediterráneo Savings

Bancaja. Fundación Caja Castellón.

Hotel des Arts. Barcelona

Spanish Academy in Rome

Fundación Luis Vives of Valencia.

Civic Centre,, Port of Sagunto

Circle of Fine Arts, Valencia

Confucius Institute, Valencia

Formencoses ... Consell Insular, Formentera




Photographic Exhibition 2002 2nd Mirar i Veure. University of Valencia.

Accesit Marisa Casalduero "With nature not play". Catalog.


Photo Contest 2005 "YOUR BEST PHOTO .." He looked at me and rolled tail .... "Magazine, Vanguard editions, Barcelona. Magazine.